More about Us

Welcome friends! I’m Shelby, owner of Marley Rae Mailers. I started a shipping supplies business back in September of 2018 to have something to do at home while my ex husband was away training for the military. For a few years, I was just sourcing products from various suppliers and making posts in Facebook groups! But suddenly I found myself blindsided with an affair and divorce, and becoming a single mom. The business that was essentially just a hobby quickly needed to become the way I provided for my children.
So in the fall of 2021, I completely rebranded and transformed this business from top to bottom, renaming it after the little lady who made me a mother. It truly didn't take long for me to fall in love with helping other business owners step up their packaging and shipping game through our own designs and products!! No more buying and reselling other brands products, everything is exclusively ours and I’m so proud. It brings me such joy to see all the packaging feedback other small shops get from their customers and knowing I’m a part of that!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting my small business, I know there are other places to go for shipping supplies and it means the world every time one of you chooses me. Your hard earned dollars are going straight to a single mama and her two beautiful babies, Micah (3) and Marley (6). We appreciate every single one of you!
(Marley Rae of Marley Rae Mailers)